Beauty Treatments in Gympie

At Aria Skin & Beauty, we provide a variety of premium treatments to keep skin feeling fresh and looking amazing—all performed in our Gympie salon by professional and friendly staff.

Our experienced beauty technicians are able to combine different treatments into one package price and put you completely at ease.

To feel even more beautiful, call us today to book.
Aria Skin & Beauty is following all Government guidelines and regulations regarding Covid19.
This includes sanitising before and after each client, cleaning treatment rooms before and after every client, keeping a log of clients entering the premises, practicing social distancing and safety measures all to ensure the safety of our clients and staff in our salon.


Hair Removal

With the help of Aria Skin & Beauty, hair removal doesn't have to be a constant painful chore.

We offer waxing, electrolysis and IPL hair removal, suitable for all skin and hair types, that will leave you feeling fantastic and smooth.


At Aria Skin & Beauty, we provide waxing for several areas of the face and body. Waxing can be used on any hair type and is a fast way to remove hair and slow down regrowth.

We offer the following waxing services:
  • Underarms
  • Half/full arms
  • Chests
  • Bikinis
  • G-strings
  • Brazilians
  • Stomachs
  • Buttocks
  • Half/full legs
  • Backs
  • Eyebrows
  • Lips
  • Chins
  • Full faces
  • Nostrils
  • Necks
Eyebrow $18
Lip $15
Chin $18
Full face $38
Nostrils $15
Neck $35
Ears $20
Underarm $25
½ Arm $30
Full Arm $40
Chest $45
Stomach Line $25
Bikini $28
G-String $35
Brazilian From $50
Buttocks $30
½ Leg $38
Full Leg $55


Electrolysis is a virtually permanent hair removal treatment that works by passing a small electrical current through the hair follicle to prevent regrowth.

Used on all hair types, electrolysis is particularly effective on stubborn grey hairs. Taking roughly 30 minutes, it's recommended that electrolysis is performed over a series of sessions for best results.

15 minute session $30
30 minute session $45


IPL Treatments (Intense Pulsed Lights)

Hair removal is a virtually painless, long-lasting hair removal treatment that can be used on almost all areas of the body.

Best on dark hairs, this treatment is most effective over a number of sessions to ensure the best results and prevent return hair growth.

Though a relatively fast treatment, larger areas may take as much as 30 minutes.

SHR (Super Hair Reduction) IPL is the latest break through innovation in IPL permanent hair reduction when compared to traditional IPL hair reduction treatments, SHR is faster and easier.

Cost per single treatment
Lip $20
Chin $25
Cheeks $30
Neck $40
Underarm $30
½ arm $40
Full arm $60
Stomach line $30
Bikini $40
Brazilian $60
Buttocks $45
½ leg $70
Full leg $90
Areola $25
Beard $40
Chest $60
Stomach $60
Full back $90
Bundled Treatments
Lip + Chin $35
Bikini + Underarm $55
Brazilian + Underarm $75
½ leg + Bikini $90
½ leg + Bikini + Underarm $105
½ leg + Brazilian $100
½ leg + Brazilian + Underarm $115
Full leg + Bikini $110
Full leg + Bikini + Underarm $125
Full leg + Brazilian $140
Full leg + Brazilian + Underarm $155


Lash & Brow Tinting

The experienced team at Aria Skin & Beauty professionally tint both eyelashes and eyebrows to darken the hair and frame the face. Tinting is a relatively simple process where you can spend half an hour lying back and relaxing as the tint is applied. The tint darkens the finer, lighter hairs within and surrounding the brows, making your eyes appear brighter and more open.

Eyelash tinting is a great way to save time in your daily makeup routine. After this treatment you can have up to 4 weeks of darker lashes without having to use any mascara. We have Henna and a variety of eyelash and eyebrow tints available, depending on how dark you want the tint. The colour used can be tailored to suit the skin tone and hair colour of each client.
Eyelash $22
Eyebrow $18
Henna $25

Eyelash tint + eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint $50
Eyelash tint + eyebrow wax + Henna $57
Eyebrow wax + eyebrow tint $32
Eyebrow wax + Henna $39


Eyelashes are one of the first facial features people notice, so make them pop! At Aria Skin & Beauty, we offer both lash extensions and lifting to enhance the volume of your lashes.

We offer a range of Extreme Lashes extensions to create different levels of fullness in your lashes. If you don't want extensions, while still achieving a fuller look, lash lifts will add volume to frame your eyes.

Lash Extensions – Full set $110
2 week infill $80
Lash lift with lash tint $70

Spray Tan

Have golden skin year-round without the harmful effects of sun tanning.

At Aria Skin & Beauty, we use a variety of tans best suited to your skin to achieve the most beautiful glow.

Full body $30

Manicures & Pedicures

We offer both express and deluxe services for nails, depending on your schedule and how much you'd like to treat yourself.

Our 45 minute express service includes a cut, file, buff and paint of your nails, and the hour-long deluxe service also includes cuticle removal, exfoliation and relaxing massage.

You may even like our CND Shellac polishes.

Express Manicure - Cut, file, buff and paint $45 (3/4 hour)
Deluxe Manicure – Cut, file, buff, cuticle removal, exfoliate, massage and paint $60 (1 hour)
Express Pedicure - Cut, file, buff and paint $45 (3/4 hour)
Deluxe Pedicure - Cut, file, buff, cuticle removal, exfoliate, massage and paint $70 (1 hour)
Shellac (Prices are for fingernails or toenails)
Application only $35 (1/2 hour)
Removal only $35 (1/2 hour)
Removal and application only $50 (3/4 hour)
Express Manicure / Pedicure plus Shellac application $60 (1 hour)
Express Manicure / Pedicure plus removal and Shellac application $70 (1 1/4 hour)

Skin Treatments

Treat yourself with a facial, skin peel or microdermabrasion treatment to refresh the skin on your face and leave it feeling clean and healthy.

Our IPL unit also treats pigmentation and age spots; removal of facial veins, acne and is also excellent for skin rejuvination when combined with other skin treatments.

As we want you to really relax and enjoy being pampered, our skin treatments can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.


Facials are a highly customisable treatment that can be tailored to your individual skincare needs. At Aria Skin & Beauty, we offer a wide variety of different facials using the latest cosmeceutical products.

The benefits of facials include:
  • Deep cleaning of skin & pores
  • Improving dry or oily skin
  • Rejuvenate tired or ageing skin

Facials on offer:
  • Refresher
  • Classic facial
  • Rejuvination
  • Acne/rosacea treatment

$65 (3/4 hour)
Do you have a special occasion? Does your skin feel like it needs some TLC? Or are
you time poor? Then pop in for this quick but effective facial. Double cleanse, tone,
steam, exfoliate, mask, moisturise and out the door.
Classic $95 (1 1/4 hour)
Escape from the world with this nice little treat. Products are chosen for your skin type
which you will then enjoy a double cleanse, tone, steam, exfoliate, back, shoulder and facial
massage, mask and moisturise.
Rejuvenation $105 (1 1/4 hour)
This facial is more specific. Your therapist will analyse your skin and prescribe the exact
treatment required. After the skin has been prepared through the cleansing, exfoliating and
massaging process, specific serums or vitamins are applied to the skin and infused with a
high performance rubber mask.
Acne / Rosacea treatment $110 (1 1/4 hour)
Young skin and mature skin. Acne in our youth and Rosacea in our middle age. Two skin
conditions where we tread carefully. Skin specific formulas and rituals are used within this
facial to assist in soothing, calming and healing inflamed sensitive skin. Care is taken within
this facial to minimize any discomfort which may come with these conditions.

Many people also enjoy the relaxation and pampering that comes with a facial from our talented professionals. Contact us to discuss the perfect facial for you.


Skin Peel

A skin peel, sometimes known as a chemical peel, simply speeds along the natural biological process of the shedding of the outer layers of skin.

The treatment promotes even, controlled and accelerated shedding of older or damaged skin so that newer, healthier cells can come through. As the peel is removed, it takes with it a number of surface imperfections that may include:

  • Sun spots
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines
  • Blackheads
  • Wrinkles

Pro-X Peel $105 (1 1/4 hour)
This peel is for all skin types, particularly younger skins or those wanting hydration.
Start with a double cleanse, peel, massage, mask, specialty solutions and moisturise.
Precision Peel $110 (1 ¼ hour)
This is best suited for thickened skin, deep pigmentation and oily skins.
Start with a double cleanse, peel, massage, mask, specialty solutions and moisturise.
Liquid Laser Peel $115 (1 ¼ hour)
This treatment is best suited for mature skins with intrinsic ageing, skin laxity and photo damage.
Start with a double cleanse, peel, massage, mask, specialty solutions and moisturise.
Pre-treatment at home skin preparation is required.
Microdermabrasion/Peel Combination $130 (1 ½ hour)
This is an intense treatment which is not ideal for every skin type. Ideal for pigmentation,
premature ageing, post acne scaring and neglected skin. Pre-treatment at home skin preparation
is required.

Our beauty therapists use only tried and tested materials which don't harm anything beyond the superficial level of the skin.


Unlike dermabrasion (a more aggressive procedure performed by a doctor or dermatologist), microdermabrasion gently removes the outer layer of skin by spraying tiny exfoliating crystals.

This rejuvenating procedure makes way for fresh, new, healthy skin to emerge. It produces the best results on problems such as dull skin, brown spots and age spots.

After microdermabrasion, skin may be pinker and feel dry for about 24 hours. We recommend using a moisturiser and avoiding excessive sun exposure for a few days. Afterwards, you should notice brighter and younger-looking skin.

Microdermabrasion $120 (1 ¼ hour)
Skin analyse, double cleanse, Microdermabrasion, massage, mask, specialty solutions and moisturise.
Microdermabrasion/Peel Combination $130 (1 ½ hour)
This is an intense treatment which is not ideal for every skin type. Ideal for pigmentation,
premature ageing, post acne scaring and neglected skin. Pre-treatment at home skin preparation
is required.


Male Treatment

At Aria Skin & Beauty, we can pamper all males and make them feel refreshed and better than ever.
We provide all the same treatments as our women and can guarentee a positive outcome for your body and skin.
Back from $45
Chest and stomach From $45
Nostrils $15
Ears $20

Manicure - Cut, file, buff, cuticle removal, exfoliate and massage $40 (3/4 hour)
Pedicure - Cut, file, buff, cuticle removal, exfoliate and massage $50 (3/4 hour)
Back Therapy – Your back will appreciate a cleanse, exfoliate, steam, massage, mask and moisturise $130 (1 hour)